XOLO Q1020 Mobile Covers Have All Answers On Better Protection Of Your XOLO Phone

Smart-phone users search for a mobile cover to ensure safety of the new phone devices. XOLO Q1020 covers can fit with all sorts of phones of the same dimensions and styles.

What are the specifications of XOLO Q1020 Covers?

Three are two types of covers available for XOLO Q1020 phones. One of these covers is polycarbonate coated back covers while the others are flip covers that protect both the sides of a phone. XOLO Q1020 flip covers are available in different prints and designs. These polycarbonate coated covers are durable enough to protect the phone from any sort of problems like slipping from hand or bashing against a hard object. The front cover is soft enough to protect the front screen while the outer surface of that part is harder than that of the inner surface. That is why the sensors does not get affected immediately even if the phone falls.

The XOLO Q1020 back covers also have polycarbonate coating but they just cover the rear part of the device. The back covers have integrated holes for camera accessibility. The integrated design of back covers helps them to hold the phone tightly inside the box.

There are pouch covers which are softer than that of the two other types of covers but steady enough to keep the phone from getting dents if it gets bashed against any hard object or the ground. The measurement of all these covers is apparently the same. Therefore, anyone can set any phone in these covers if that device matches with the measures of these covers.

Are there other accessories for XOLOQ1020?

There are universal in-ear headsets for all these phones which can be set with any phone with 3.5mm jack port. These in-ear headphones have noise reduction qualities to reduce noise and making the sound clearer.

16000mAh power banks are one of the other accessories which can make the users mobile experiences better than before.

Where from all these items can be purchased?

All these items are available on at a discounted price. The selling portal is offering the discounts on all the products for quite a long period now. The buyers can also replace any defective product at any point of time within the warranty period issued by the portal or the manufacturers.

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