Fashionable and Trendy- That is All that One Can Say About Xolo Q1000S Plus Covers

Fashionable covers are not just some trends but a new age style statement as well. That is why most of the youngsters are looking forward to buy fashionable phone Mobile Covers along with new and trendy handsets. Let’s check out how Xolo Q1000S Plus covers can fit in that same cartegory.

What are there in Xolo Q1000S Plus Covers

Xolo Q1000S Plus Covers may not look any different than other flip covers or back covers for smart-phones but the designs and easy-to-access setup have distinguished it from others. The flip covers for Xolo Q1000S Plus covers the phone with polycarbonate coated interior and softer exterior. These covers have magnetic locks to assure more protection to the phone. On the rear part these covers have integrated camera holes to allow the users to take pictures or videos without removing the cover completely.

The back covers are also made of polycarbonate material but they cannot protect the front part of the phones directly. However, their integrated shape holds the phone firmly inside the box to keep them from falling or slipping out.

Are there any other useful accessories beside these covers

There are screen guards and tampered glass screen protectors which can effectively keep the screen safe so that the touch-sensors do not get affected by any chance. The tampered glass screen protectors can prevent the dents on the screen as well. The screen guards do not let the screens smeared with finger spots or sticky dusts. The oleo-phobic coating of the screen guards allows the users to clean them up easily.

How can all these accessories be purchased

Most people nowadays prefer to be stylish with a minimum expenditure. That is why has offered all sorts of mobile accessories at a discounted price that no other selling portal has done ever before. The buyers can get all the verified items from here. Moreover, if any buyer can find out any sort of defect with any item after purchase, he or she can contact with the seller to get a replacement within the given warranty period.

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