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Networking Tools for computer – Share, connect and make use of the technology

The use of computer in every phase of life has increased the need of different tools to be administered in businesses and other organisations to make the maximum use of the computers and the technology for success. The networking has entered each part of the computer world and the efficient networking systems have been developed to make the task easier and effective. The networking enables the users to make the maximum use of the devices and machine. The use of efficient networking tools enables the multiple users to share the same software and hardware. The users can get prints on same printer through networking or can also use the same software with the help of networking through main server. The networks are of different types and are used according to the need of the user.

Popular networking methods

LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN or Local Area Network is used to connect the computers and peripherals in local area or building. The LAN is usually used for schools, offices and other such organisations. The reach of this networking is only up to 1 km area. The LAN cables or the LAN cards are used to connect the computers locally or you can also opt for the wireless technology to connect the computers. The radio or infrared frequency is used to establish the wireless connection. The Local Area Network is used for following purpose.

Share data and secure data by reducing the virus threat. Conveniently share printer and other files without taking any further hassle. To increase the storage space of the entire system. Internet access for all the computers through the main server if it is connected to the modem.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

The WAN is the networking carried out on larger area built through Satellite. The WAN technology enables the wide network of offices established in various parts of the world to stay connected and share information. The WAN is the easiest way to stay in touch with various offices through video conferencing and emailing. The uses of WAN are listed here.

The common server handles the data for all branches. Thus, the data is secure and can be accessed by all branches. The internal email service can be established with this network. The documents can be conveniently sent via email through the secured network. The regular updates from the head office can be made and may reach all branches in real time.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

The MAN is the extension of LAN as it connects that various Local Area Networks in one particular area, locality or campus.

The networking is the part of any business to increase the efficiency of the employees and infrastructure. The networking tools can be purchased online to get the better deal and establish an efficient network without shedding out big sum from your business capital. The proper use of tools and technology may take your business to the new high.

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