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Enhance the usability of your laptop – Buy laptop accessories

The shopping doesn’t end at buying the main product as there are many other things that complement the primary machine. If you have already purchased your laptop and are happy using it then you may now make your laptop even more efficient by purchasing the appropriate laptop accessories. The accessories may enhance the performance of the laptop considerably by either making it convenient to handle or by reducing the hazardous effect of the machine while in use. The right selection of the accessories may also make it work as the PC when stationed at one place.

Some such laptop accessories are described here to help you select the one that may suit your requirement.

Wireless Mouse

The mouse may enhance the usability of the laptop to the great extent. The mouse can be used with the laptop when you are using it at particular station. The wireless mouse would be the great pick as it will be easy to store in your laptop case and can be used just anytime without struggling for connections. This will increase the life of your laptop touchpad as well.

USB Drives

The USB flash drives are becoming popular as they are affordable and useful. This accessory is best suited for sharing your files with your friends and colleagues.


Backpack may not affect your laptop performance directly but it will surely add to the convenience of the machine. You can find the best backpack to carry your laptop anywhere along with other accessories. The backpack should have room for all other components as well so that you don’t have to struggle a lot finding things or carrying them along.

Laptop Cooling Pad

If you have experienced the heat of the laptop on your lap then this accessory will surely sound good to you. The cooling pad is the best way to protect your tender skin from coming into direct contact with laptop. It will increase your efficiency indirectly as you will be able to work with ease for hours without getting that burning effect on your lap.

Cable Lock

This lock is for protection of your laptop. If you are taking your laptop along to various places then you may need to secure it as well. The cable lock comes with special password that protects your laptop against theft. The cable lock can be moved from one place to another along with the laptop.

External Speakers

Your laptop can entertain you anywhere anytime with these external speakers. You may also use these speakers for presentations or other such specific multimedia needs. The small sized speakers are now available which can be carried with the laptop. The speakers are also available in the form of pen holder or other such handy accessory so that you can enjoy its dual purpose.

All these accessories and many more are now available online at the most competitive pricing. You can just login and find whole lot of accessories waiting for your laptop.

How to clean a laptop monitor

Nowadays, laptop is a part of every household. They also tend to accumulate dust really fast. Apart from dust, there can be food particles and other sort of debris that looks really ugly on the laptop. It is important that you clean such gadgets as it may get damaged, especially the LCD surface.

Make sure that the laptop is switched off before you start cleaning it. Here are some tips to keep maintaining your laptop monitor-

You must use a soft cleaning cloth which is lint free. Dampen it a little with cold water and wring it well because excess water may damage the laptop. Clean with this cloth gently on the monitor and let it dry.

You will get products of different companies which are made to clean the laptop monitors. Use them accordingly. Special dusters are made to clean excess dust. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners or alcohol to clean the laptop screens and other parts. This will damage it for sure. A solution of distilled water without chemicals would be good too. You can add vinegar in it for better cleaning. Use it to spray on the cloth.

Hope you find these tips useful. For further information on precautions, read the laptop manual.

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