Provide Maximum Protection to Your Handset with Xolo X1000 Mobile Covers

The covers for smart-phones have been improvised with time. It is because the users of the smart phone devices use their phones as a virtual medium of everything. The phones in recent times work as a diary, a memoir and also as notebooks to keep numbers and all. So the covers need to provide maximum protection so that the devices do not get damaged for any external causes.

Why should we use Xolo X1000 covers?

Xolo X1000 covers have been manufactured in a way that allows them to protect the phones from all the sides. The designer back covers look beautiful with their designs but their shapes are good enough to let the users have a strong grip on them. This unique mechanism does not let the covers along-with the phones slip from the hands of the users. The users can access all the buttons and the touch sensors without removing the cover. The integrated holes behind these covers allow the users to get an access to the cameras to click pictures.

The flip and wallet covers on the other hand, ensure more safety with their special frontal-protection. These covers have magnetic lock to keep the phone firmly inside the box. The rear holes for camera are also present in these covers.

Are there any other accessories that can make the experience with Xolo X1000 better?

There are screen guards with oleo-phobic coating to let the users access the sensors and the screen without worrying about dusts or finger spots. The coating allows the users to clean the surface of the screen guards easily. These screen guards do not let finger prints smeared all over the phone.

How can users access all these?

These accessories are available online in several selling portals but none other than is offering lucrative discounts on them. The buyers can buy all the items at a lucratively lower price. This portal uploads all the items only after verifying them by the experts. Therefore, the buyers can go on with their shopping spree freely in this portal. They can also exchange any defective item within the given warranty period and find a suitable replacement.

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