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Win Hearts with Magnificent Xolo Win Q1000 Covers

New mobile covers are not just something that covers the mobile for their safety but they can also be gifted to people. Xolo Win Q1000 covers are one of those universal covers which can be gifted or used with any handset besides Xolo handsets. Let us check out some specifications of these covers.

What is so special about Xolo Win Q1000 covers

Xolo Win Q1000 covers are available with multiple variations. There are polycarbonate-made back covers which are stronger and more durable than average plastic back covers. These water and dust resistant covers can prevent the handsets from any sort of impacts. The integrated design of the covers holds the phone firmly enough. Therefore, if the phone hits flatly on the ground, the chance of getting dents are relatively lower than average.

The flip covers protect the phone from all the sides. The front flip covers the screen and protects it from getting dents or scratches while the rear part covers up camera and back side of the phone. Some of the flip covers even have S-view to allow the users see the notifications which always keep coming to modern smart-phones every now and then.

These water-resistant covers are also very good heat-resistant. Therefore the chances of the phones getting un-naturally hot while the users are working over it are relatively low. There are also book case or wallet covers which help the users to use these covers as a replacement of their wallets.

Are there any other useful accessories

There are several other useful accessories like power banks, USB data cables and chargers. The power banks can effectively replace the chargers because they can recharge the handset or other devices at any point of time. On the other hand, every user knows the importance of USB data cables today as they can transfer data from one device to another without any hassle.

Where from all these accessories be purchased?

Al these items can be purchased from at a discounted price. The selling portal verifies all the items by experts. However, the users can replace any item from this same portal within a limited warranty period if any defect is located on that item.

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