Find Magnificent Xolo Q1011 Covers and Set a New Trend with Your Handset

Xolo has recently launched Xolo Q1011 which created a lot of interest among the potential users in recent times. Now, if you are one of the users of Xolo Q1011, then you can find a way to make your handset look even more beautiful with magnificent covers and Mobile Covers.

What kinds of covers for Xolo Q1011 can help the users to set a trend?

Xolo Q1011 covers are mostly attractive due to their magnificent color combination and trendy looks. However, in regard of the usage, the covers can make a stunning difference than any other average mobile covers. The back covers are made of flexible polycarbonate material which can ensure extra security to the handsets. In fact, the users can handle these handsets freely and without worrying them of slipping out of the hands. The back covers have integrated camera holes as well to let the users access cameras without removing the covers.

The flip covers, on the other hand, cover the frontal part of the screen and protect it from dust and outwardly impacts. Some of the flip covers also have S-view to allow the users to have a look at the time and other updates. The magnetic lock of the flip covers also ensure that the phone will not slip out of the box at any chance.

What are the other accessories which can make the experience with Xolo Q1011 better?

There are more other accessories like power banks and in-ear headsets which can make the experience with Xolo-Q1011 better with time. The power banks can help the users recharge any device at any point of time. The multi-USB chargers of the power banks can also help the users to recharge several different rechargeable accessories at one time.

The in-ear headsets as well as Bluetooth headsets can reduce noises and help the users to have clear audio experiences. The headsets can be fixed with the phones or other audio output through 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth device.

How can one get access to all these items?

Logging in to can make it easier to access all these accessories at once. This selling portal is offering huge discounts on every item currently.

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