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Xolo Q1010i Mobile Covers

The zooming world of Xolo smartphones have created quite a bang in our nation. It seems the smartphone market is flooded with all sorts of technology. With so many varieties of smartphones raining in the mobile market, it is important that the Mobile Covers market for mobile should also rain covers and cases.

One such smartphone Xolo Q1010i is creating ripples and guess what we have a cool line of Mobile Covers for it that is making waves too. So, taking on those waves of fashion is what we have aimed for you.

The Universal leather flip covers for Xolo Q1010i mobile is basically of two types- the plain chic cases and the printed floral covers. Each of these covers have their unique design and properties that has already created an impression on the buyers.

The leather flip cover comes with a magnetic flap that makes it easier to carry. It is very light in weight, bright in colour, have perfect port cut-outs, protects the smartphone from any fall, damage, dirt or dust and starts at just Rs 129. Yes, you heard us right! All these terrific features on the above mentioned price.

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