Find Magnificent Xolo Q1001 Covers at a discounted price

The Xolo Q1001 handset is the latest budget phone launched by Xolo in recent months. The phone has come up with several upgrades. Now, this latest budget phone requires some primary protection to keep the handset free from hassles and troubles.

How the Mobile Covers can ensure safety for the handsets

Xolo Q1001 covers ensure security and safety to the handsets by covering them from all the sides. The flip covers for Xolo Q1001 are available at a discount on the Latestone. These covers are capable of covering the handsets from all the sides. The magnetic lock of the cover can effectively keep the mobile inside the package. The flap cases of the flip covers are strong enough to protect the screen from all sorts of troubles. Moreover, the wallet flip cases come with extra wallet pockets to allow the users keep their money or important notes inside.

The back covers can also effectively protect the phones. The polycarbonate coating of the back covers provide them extra strength whereas the integrated design of these covers ensure safety to the phones. The design of these covers do not let the phone hit rough ground even if it falls on the plain with its face down.

What if the phone gets hotter for prolonged stay inside the covers

Modern day phone covers are not juts mere wrap-ups. The phones mostly get hotter when the air does not pass through the covers. These covers are exclusively made in a way so that the wind can pass through them to keep the phone cool enough even after prolonged usage. The polycarbonate-coating of the covers also have spaces or integrated holes to let the users access the buttons of the phones. Therefore, a question of getting a troubled phone due to thermal issues sounds absolutely irrelevant with these new covers.

How would one get a replacement if he or she dislikes the product

If you have only chosen a phone cover to cover up your handset then you may not wish to change it unless the product is somehow defective. However, there are many who prefer designs so that the look of their gadgets can depict their mind-frame as well. In that case the buyers can contact within the warranty period to find a better replacement.

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