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Protect your Smart Phone With XOLO PLAY Mobile Covers Available On LatestOne!

All of us suffer severe heartache when our brand new phone gets destroyed from a simple fall out of our pockets or bags. But now you can avoid all that by simply accessorizing your new XOLO PLAY mobile with mobile covers and screen guards all under one roof from LatestOne.

Hard Cases And Covers

Choose from the wide range of XOLO PLAY hard case for compact, stylish and fantastic looks with an unbelievable range of variety and color patterns to suit your eye. The hard cases give you the ultimate protection for your new phone from shocks, drops, scratches and collisions, with adequate safety consisting of a soft inner silicone layer inside and tough plastic on the outer. All the phone’s buttons, camera, speakers and microphone jack areas are accessible.

The ultra light and sleek designed plastic cases made out of the best material for that extra superior grip and strength, to withstand your daily scratches, shocks, damages or dust entry to the phone. The XOLO PLAY soft cases are now available in all the vibrant and gorgeously designed colors.

Tempered Glass

Protect your precious smartphone from nicks, scratches, accidents or even dust and fingerprints on the part of the phone that's used the most – the easy to damage glass screen. Made from the highest quality raw material, tempered glass on your phone gives it long lasting, absolutely clear protection. This glass has a superb hardness scale and comes with fingerprint coating to protect the phone as well as keep fingerprints away from making their mark. Added to this are 3D edges that fit perfectly right around your mobile, even on the corners. The 0.2mm glass seems fragile, but it is tough and shatter proof, while being completely sensitive to touch.

Why Choose Cases

Cases for your XOLO Play are a great value for your investment. Put an end to heartache and relax as you use your phone with covers that are delivered to you incredibly fast throughout the country with free shipping from

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