Buy XOLO Play 8X-1200 Covers and Ensure Ultimate Safety for your Phone

People search for phone covers to ensure safety to their phones. It would certainly be the same reason for what you may run for XOLO Play 8X-1200 cover but in addition to that assurance, you may also uplift the look of your phone unknowingly while installing the cover.

What is so special about XOLO Play 8X-1200 Cover

XOLO Play 8X-1200 flip covers have special magnetic lock to keep the phone attached to the cover properly. The cover has a rubber pad inside which does not let the phone slip but the user can get the access to all the buttons of the phones even without moving the cover. The cover allows a front view through which the users can check out the time, calls and messages. These leather-made flip covers are easy to handle. There are rear covers to cover up the camera as well. The users need to remove the part to set the camera-view on the object before clicking the picture. These easy-accessible flip cases for XOLO Play 8X-1200 offers easy access to all the buttons and also to the screen.

How many variants are available for XOLO Play 8X-1200 covers

There are several different variants available for XOLO Play 8X-1200 covers. Most of the variants come as a leather flip cover, but there are also pouch covers and back covers for the phone. The pouch covers may not be hard enough but double padding inside them can keep the phone safe from dust and scratches. The users can choose the likewise colors from the different shades available in the Latestone.

Are there any other protectors available for the phone in

The users can apply screen guards on the screen to keep the screen clean from the finger marks and scratches. The screen guards can be applied as a coating on the screen and they are easy to clean. The oleo-phobic coating actually keeps the screen clean while the users access the touch pad. However, such screen guards can only keep the screen clean while the covers available at ensure complete safety and security to the phone and assure a long-term hassle-free usage.

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