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Buy Xolo Play 6X-1000 Mobile Covers from the Latestone

Every mobile set needs cover as their primary accessory. Xolo Play 6X-1000 is a newly launched phone which has already created a lot of interest among the common buyers for its unique look and upgraded features. has presented a number of latest Mobile Covers for this handset recently.

What sorts of covers can properly protect Xolo Play 6X-1000

There are mainly two types of covers available for modern handsets. One of them is back cover while the other is a flip cover. The back covers protect the rear part of the cell-phone while holding the phone tightly with the help of its integrated design that does not let the phone slip. The back covers have integrated holes to let the users click pictures without removing the covers.

The flip covers come in the form of a wallet cover as well. Such covers do not only ensure protection of the handsets but the users can also keep their money or ATM cards inside the wallet pockets. The wallet covers have polycarbonate covers in the back and on all the four sides. This ensures maximum protection for the handsets. The polycarbonate covers have enough spaces to let the wind pass through the cover so that the phone does not turn hot all of a sudden for prolonged usage.

What are the other safety accessories

Flip covers can ensure the safety for mobile handsets. However, if the users wish to be more protective then they can apply screen guards so that the screens do not get smeared with finger prints. Sensors will note get effected when the screen guard is applied on the surface of the phone. Most importantly, the oleo phobic coating of these screen guards are easy to clean, so there are less chances of the screens getting dusty.

Are these accessories costly enough

None of the Xolo Play 6X-1000 covers are costly enough. Moreover, is offering huge discounts on each sold product. Therefore everyone can get the items at an affordable price. Not only that, if the buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the items, they may change the items with suitable replace replacements within seller-warranty period offered by the selling portal.

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