Get The Best Of Your Xolo Mobile With XOLO Era Mobile Covers From LatestOne

Are you looking for ways to make the best use of your XOLO Era Mobiles comes with a solution bringing forth XOLO Era Mobile Covers like mobile covers, power banks, USB car chargers and head-sets - all compatible with your XOLO mobile.

Variants matching your personality

You can move around comfortably without worrying about your mobile’s safety with the light-weight, Dual Swipe S view Flip case. You add class to your formal attire with these stylish Flip cases that come in Navy Blue, Black, Brown and Sky Blue. They protect the full body of your mobile preventing unwanted damages. The magnetic closing flap holds the mobile securely when carrying around. You can enjoy the protection of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) along with soft and flexible touch of Silicon with Silicon TPU cases. They come in stylish Black and catchy Hot pink variants

Why use XOLO Era Flip Covers

You need a stylish mobile cover to protect your precious mobile from scratches, damages and even dust while keeping its new look. But you would be happy if you get that protection with light weight, elegance and easy access to all the controls and ports demanding no future cuts and adjustments. That is exactly what is provided with XOLO Era Mobile Covers. You can make the best use of your mobile without opening the cover. The magnetic closing flap holds your mobile secured relieving you from the tension of checks and rechecks. You can switch between various colors merging safety and style with these covers as they are easy to install and remove. Add formal look with Navy Blue, Black, Brown or Sky Blue variants from Flip Case models. Take your mobile to executive class with Black Silicon TPU Case or make it look catchy with the Hot Pink one.

Do You Need Accessories

Of course you do! If you’d like to use all your phone’s features, you need as many accessories as possible, and a good mobile cover to protect it all. Make every rupee you’ve paid for your mobile count when you use it to its full potential.

Pick any XOLO Era mobile cover from our growing list, check out your order easily and we will ship it to you in any nook or corner of India, absolutely free of cost. Better still, you won’t have to wait for ages to get you lovely new cover – our shipping services are fast so that you can enjoy your purchase soon.

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