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Find Smart Mobile Covers for Your Xolo 8X 1000i Smartphone

Xolo has recently stepped in the market of smart handsets and from the beginning it started to show its credibility. The newest member of Xolo family is Xolo 8X-1000i phone which has a upgraded look and system functionality. The Mobile Covers for Xolo 8X-1000i is available on at a good price.

What sorts of Mobile Covers are available for Xolo 8X 1000i phone?

The very basic Mobile Covers that any user needs after buying a smart-phone are the covers. There are several types of covers available in the market for Xolo 8X 1000i phone. The designer back covers are good enough to cover up the rear part of the phone while the flip covers protect the phones from all the sides. The designer flip covers also have S-views to let the users check the time and call-lists or messages. The covers are made of polycarbonate material which is strong enough to keep the phones placed firmly inside even if they run through a series of impacts.

Electronic Accessories

There are power banks for charging the phones instantly besides headsets and other accessories. The ultra thin power banks are portable and light enough to be kept in pocket along with the mobile handsets so that the users can keep on charging them while working. The power banks provide 5V output to recharge the devices as early as possible. These devices have multiple charging cables to recharge several devices at one time.

Other than the power banks, there are Bluetooth wireless speaker headsets which are good enough for listening music as well as talking to an incoming or outgoing call. There are other accessories like stereo speakers which are used to amplify sounds. These speakers can be set with mobile handsets or laptops or MP3s via Bluetooth. The users can bring the mood of party by tuning on different tracks and playing them through these audio speakers. Noise and echo reductive technologies have given these speakers extra benefits.

Are these accessories replaceable?

You can certainly replace any of these Xolo 8X-100i mobile accessories that you have bought from if you can locate any defect in them. The defective items should be asked to replace within the warranty period issued by the selling portal or the manufacturer.

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