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LatestOne & PTron offers sizzling Xiaomi Redmi 3 Mobile Covers

Xiaomi has taken over Indian mobile phone market on their grip. They have been producing impressive products since the time they introduced themselves in India. Xiaomi Redmi 3 is their latest product featuring 4100 mAh battery capacity. The price of this handset is more than 5k and LatestOne & PTron is serving people with many essential Xiaomi Redmi 3 Mobile Covers which are very handy.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Cases and covers

They have come up with Mobile Covers of Redmi 3 as well. They have not yet unveiled any cases and covers for this particular cell phone since the set is very new in the market and they are still performing all the tests before releasing any cover. They want to make sure that the covers and cases are absolutely perfect and no complaint is raised from customers. One of the best things about Xiaomi Redmi 3 is its metallic back cover which will give you a classic feel. Cases and covers are one of the utmost accessories of a phone which provides protection to a phone. If a handset does not fit in a case properly, it can slip off and get damaged. Hence several tests are performed before launching these kinds of Xiaomi Redmi 3 Mobile Covers.

Other accessories for Xiaomi Redmi 3

Power bank:

Presently LatestOne & PTron has released 16800 mAh power banks for this handset with two charging ports. There is yet another power bank of 16800 mAh for this device.

Headset and Bluetooth speaker:

There are several other wired in ear headsets of stereo type for Xiaomi Redmi 3. These are of several kinds with different wire types and sound quality. LatestOne & PTron is also offering many mind blowing portable Bluetooth speakers for your Redmi 3.

Smart phones often face difficulty in battery backup, so you need power banks. Also headsets provided by the brand are not always satisfactory, so buying a third party headset for your phone would be good. This is why Xiaomi Redmi 3 accessories are good for you to enhance your smart phone experience.

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