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Seamlessly Use Your Mobile Device With The Wireless Keyboard From LatestOne!

Wireless keyboards have numerous advantages over wired keyboards. You don’t need to go through the mess of tangled wires. You can save space, and you don’t have to keep it placed on the working space all the time. Wireless keyboards help to create a productive working environment as they are versatile and portable. LatestOne offers the best deals on wireless keyboards that suit your convenience and budget.

Classic Wireless Keyboards

Opt for the advanced black 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and mouse combination from HP. The innovative design of this classic style keyboard allows you to launch your computer with one-touch control. It also enables you to launch your emails, internet, calculator and search functions. It is user friendly with its 5 multimedia controls, 3 volume buttons and an integrated number pad for easy data entry. The wireless keyboard is also adjustable with 2 possible positions that allow you to customize the way you want to use it. It is accompanied with a wireless, three buttoned optical mouse which helps you to be more relaxed and productive.

Check out the high quality mini wireless keyboard with handheld touchpad in striking black color. It is ideal if you want to email, message or play games. The built in touchpad has adjustable resolution, and features an innovative mouse-wheel feature that enables easy browsing. It contains a Li-ion battery that can be recharged via USB. It is perfect for working in the networking and communications field.

Advanced Bluetooth Keyboards

Choose the wireless Bluetooth virtual laser projection keyboard to work on your laptop or PC or android enabled devices. It is compact and portable with the English QWERTY keyboard layout. It is compatible with the latest operating systems. It allows for easy connection via Bluetooth or USB. It comes with a Mini-B type charge interface and lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. It is lightweight, has a built in buzzer sound for on or off functions. The keyboard can detect to over 400 characters per minute, and has a non-reflective, opaque flat surface. This laser projection Bluetooth keyboard is available in classy silver color at

Why Wireless Keyboards?

Wireless keyboards are portable, and cause less clutter. They save space, time and energy. They are universal, and are compatible with most devices. The most important advantage is that they suit your every need when it comes to computers and laptops. LatestOne offers free shipping for wireless keyboards.

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