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Get The Latest USB Raja Data Conncector Online

PTron USB Raja is a unique product launched by the LATESTONE.COM. The product is designed with the motive of multitasking right in the pocket of the user. It is an innovative product launched to meet the needs of the modern day customers. Even before this exciting product launched, the demo of the PTron USB Raja Connector becomes popular among the tech enthusiasts and receive more than 3 Lakh views. It is a unique product having the capability to charge an Android smart phone and an iPhone simultaneously. This new generation data transfer and charging cable is only available on LATESTONE.COM, who is India’s No. 1 mobile and tech accessories.

Unique PTron USB Raja

Are you looking for a device, which can charge an iPhone and Android phone at the same time. Then, you are at the right place as you can charge both iPhone and Android phone with a single power bank outlet in the PTron USB Raja. In addition to this, the users can connect this device to an OTG supported smart phone, in order to charge an iPhone. You can shop this exciting device exclusively from the LATESTONE.COM.

Quick results with PTron USB Raja

As the technology progresses, the customers are looking for quick results more and more. Understanding the needs of the customers, the designed this extraordinary product known as PTron USB Raja. The mission of the LATESTONE.COM behind the launch of USB Raja is to assist the customers to keep the pace with the changing times.

Unique connectors in PTron USB Raja

In order to understand the customer’s requirement, the PTron USB Raja comes with a lightening connector and a reversible micro USB connector. You can charge your phones or use them to transfer your important files. Plus, you can connect crucial gadgets such as scanners, cameras and printers to the different networks using its reversible micro USB connector. Thanks to its intelligent design, the users can connect their devices in any direction.

Multi-functional PTron USB Raja

PTron USB Raja is a one of its kind device, which can perform a great array of functions. You can connect pen drives to your OTG supported phone, in order to write and read data onto the pen drive. You can even connect a USB dongle to use a wireless mouse or keyboard with your OTG supported smart phone in the port.

Shop PTron USB Raja online from LATESTONE.COM

LATESTONE.COM is the leading mobile and tech accessories e-retailer in India and known to launch some of the most innovating and exciting products in the technology market. One of them is PTron USB Raja, which have the ability to bring the multitasking magic right in your pocket. When you shop online from LATESTONE.COM, you will not only get this innovative product, but also an excellent customer service. Our website has secured payment system, which can protect all your personal details. All the major credit and debit cards are accepted at the LATESTONE.COM. Call on our phone number to get further information. Happy shopping!

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