Cool yourself with USB power – Checkout the USB fan

USB is the integral part of any computer system as all the modern day laptops, computers, Televisions, and gaming consoles come with USB slot. The main reason for providing the USB slot is to transfer data from one device to another but beyond that it is also used as alternative power source. Till now the power via USB is used to charge the laptops, tablets, and iPods but now the same can be used to run USB fan as well! USB fan is the new cooling device being invented to run on the USB power and can be taken along anywhere due to its compact design.

What is a USB Fan?

USB Fan is a small sized fan that revolves just like the normal fan but is powered by USB cable. The USB cable used to run this device can either be plugged in the laptop, computer, or your gaming console. It has many uses and works as an additional CPU fan or cooling device. If your laptop or computer fan is not working to its designed efficiency anymore or even if the computer gets overheated because of its decreased efficiency then this fan would be your additional cooling device. It comes with a long cable that may help you place the fan at desired distance.

How to use USB Fan?

Using the USB fan is simple and you don’t need to have technical expertise to use it. All you have to do is connect the fan to the USB cable that is further connected to some power device. You can also connect it to the powerbank in case your laptop is not charged enough to run this fan. Once the fan is connected, it will start immediately at the click of a button.

Uses of the USB Fan

There are many uses of the USB fan starting from personal cooler to computer cooler. Connect it with laptop, computer, or gaming console to keep it cool as overheating of these devices would stop them accidentally and sometimes you may lose all your useful data too. Some of the devices would start giving erroneous results when overheated and hence the USB fan may keep it protected. In case of power failure, this fan will serve as the desktop fan or personal cooler.

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