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In the modern age of advanced technology, everyone is aware of the importance of an USB connector. These connectors connect two devices, may be a smart-phone and a laptop together for transferring data or charging. USB connectors have changed and fast forwarded the modern day smart-gadget based life-style in a way that no-one literally thought even a few years back.

What does an USB connector do?

The USB connectors are mostly used for synchronizing data. At the same time these connectors can be used as chargers for the smart-phones. The USB connectors sold in the latestone are compatible to all sorts of smart-devices, ranging from Apple iPhone or iPads to any kind of smart-devices. These connectors can also be used to recharge the power banks properly.

Other than recharging, the USB connectors can be used to transfer or downloading data from one device or computer to a phone or vice-versa. The connection gets set up immediately as soon as the connector is connected to both the devices.

How do the USB connectors work?

The USB connectors have two different faces. One of them needs to be connected to the USB port of any phone or smart-device while the other part connects the smart phone or other device. Once the connection is set up, one can easily get access to the data-storage of both the devices and transfer accordingly. The outer surface of these USB data cables or connectors does not let one part get tangled to another. Moreover, the surface also ensures its durability as well.

Is buying these cables online authentic?

Nowadays people buy everything online to avoid the hassle of purchasing different things from different stores. You can check out all the specifications and choose any item to buy. Latestone.comalways assures about the authenticity of the items as they are verified by the experts before they are put up online for sale. The seller is offering a good discount to all the sold items as well. The buyers can also get a benefit of replacing a defected item within the seller warranty period which comes regardless of manufacturer warranty coverage on a product.

How to connect USB to Android phone

Almost everyone owns an android phone. It is an essential part of everyone’s life because of its user-friendly features. USB cables help to transfer data from one device to another. Any important file downloads that are stored in the MicroSD or in the phone storage can be transferred to a USB flash drive or laptop through a small USB OTG cable. The reverse is also true, i.e. receiving files is also possible.

To connect the USB to android phone you need an inexpensive USB otg (on the go) chord that connects both to each other. The chord comes in various versions according to different android phones. Go to Google play and Install a StickMount in your phone. Then attach one end of the USB chord on the flash drive and the other end on the phone. Select, Use this as default, in the option and continue.

Grant superusers access to StickMount when prompted. This will lead to an approval from the phone saying Active Mounts. Your device is now ready to read/write files. Open the file manager after this and navigate to the USB storage device. You can now delete, copy, transfer file as needed.

Hope this information was useful. If you find any problem, go to an electronic store for further assistance.

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