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Extra Space to store your important files – Try USB Pen drives and memory cards

The computer may store all your important as well as the miscellaneous stuff. There is lot more to load on your computer and there are many such files that may be required to be taken from one computer to other or may require an extra copy. All these tasks may require an extra storage device in the form of an external hard disk, CD, floppy, pen drive or memory card. The external hard disk offers very large storage space and is bulky to be carried from one place to another. If you have small storage needs then you can use the USB pen drives and memory cards for that. The USB pen drives are easy to carry even in pocket and it is also available in the form of keychain. The handy nature of USB pen drive makes it popular storage device in home, office and all other routine storage needs.

Uses of USB pen drive

There are several uses of USB pen drive and all these uses are related to the storage of different files for different needs.

You can store your favourite songs and video files in your USB pen drive to attach it directly to your TV set for convenient viewing of videos or for enjoying music. The USB compatible home theatre systems are also specially developed for those who don’t want to carry CDs or DVDs to enjoy their favourite music anytime anywhere. The music systems in the cars are also supporting USB Pen Drives to have the music with you all the times. The important office files that may need secured backup can also be saved in USB pen drive for future use. You can also save your important presentations on pen drive to be presented in board meetings or to be presented to your customers at their office. The students can save their assignments of USB pen drive to be submitted in school or college.

Uses of memory cards

The memory cards are used to increase the memory of your gadgets like mobile, tablet, camera and other such devices. The memory cards are used to store images and videos. The same can be transferred to laptop as most of the laptops come with memory card slot. The memory card is the best way to save your memories for long time and have enough storage which the device may not have initially.

Buying the appropriate USB pen drives and memory cards

You can have the pen drives and memory cards with different storage configuration. You can measure the storage space in gigabytes and by the storage device as needed. If you are planning to store big image files and video files on your storage device then opt for the bigger storage space. The cost of the pen drives and memory cards may depend on the storage space.

How to connect pen drive to android phone without rooting the phone?

Do not worry if your android phone is not rooted. You can still connect a pen drive to your phone by using a USB OTG. An OTG cable allows your android device to work as a host device which can control other USB devices. You can easily connect your phone to other external devices such as keyboard, digital cameras, mouse, USB flash devices or even any musical instrument.

How to connect the OTG pen drive to your non rooted android device?

If your non rooted android device is supported with external storage devices, then you can easily use the devices which are connected to each other. The steps of using a pen drive to a non rooted android phone are listed below:

You have to connect the OTG pen drive with your external storage device such as android phone or external hard disk or USB flash drives. Then you have to connect the micro USB end of the OTG cable with the android device. After connecting the devices a notification which indicates that the devices are properly connected will appear. Then the newly attached OTG pen drive will automatically start up.

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