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“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it”. - Marc Jacobs.

Accessories are the most important thing that enhances your elegance every day. Usually we tent to neglect accessorizing but it is a wrong notion. The society today has demolished the stereotypical idea that accessories are for women, even men are accessorizing to enhance their look. Appearance creates the first impression, and a person who looks clumsy and gloomy is not accepted anywhere be it at a party or an office. Thus Unisex Fashion accessories play a vital role in your daily clothing.

unisex fashion accessories that you must own

Watch: Watches are an important object as it enhances your look, helping you to be decent and classy. While wearing a formal to office a watch on your wrist add more charm to your office wear also when you are out on your first date, you watch not just helps you to reach on time but makes you classy.

Slippers: While you go out on a road trip or on the beaches the easiest to carry footwear are undoubtedly the slippers. Slippers are a major style statement these days. They provide the ultimate spark to your casual wear

Sunglasses: Sunglasses not just protects your eyes but are a major style statement. Pair it up with your formals or casuals, sunglasses never go out of style. Try out the various types of sunglasses available from aviators to cat-eye accordingly.

Earrings: They are the major attraction for girls. Chancing earring along with attire is an age long feminine trait. But earrings look good on men too. Look at a man with a silver year stud wearing a Hawaiian -shirt and cargo shorts. Do you find him cool Yes, actually he does look so. But guys should know this that huge studs looks funny on them

Scarf: They are a major style statement these days. As the winter is round the corner you can see both men and women are wearing scarf which end up making them look quite cool and elegant.

Bracelets: If worn correctly bracelets enhance your overall look. It is wise to stick to metal bracelets and rope chords. As the former goes very well with formals and the later amazingly pairs with casuals and party wears.

Bags and Backpacks: Although we do neglect this, but bags and backpacks also say a lot about a person’s aesthetic choices. If your bag is flawlessly pairing with your shoe or aviator, this surely enhances the beauty of your clothing.

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