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TV and Set Top Box Remotes

The TV has almost become member of every family. Earlier there was one TV per family but now TV is found in every room of the household. Another change in the entertainment world is brought to you by the introduction of Set Top Box. The high definition and standard Set Top Box are made available by different service providers and this has really changed the channel viewing experience. There are hundreds of channels and other functions like gaming, learning recipes, educations and lot more that one can enjoy now with Set Top Box. All these may sound good but to enjoy these features, you may need properly functioning remote. You may get the remote control along with TV and Set Top Box. If you don’t handle the remote with care then it will stop functioning and you may require new remote immediately.

Taking care of TV and Set Top Box remotes

Avoid dropping

Remote is something which is found at most weird places. You may find it edges of sofa and centre table too. The frequent dropping of remote may sometimes damage its functioning too. You may hence keep the remote at safe place after using it. The safety case for remote is also available for those who cannot control the falling of remote. If you have small children at home then you may surely require security case for remote.

Avoid water contact

The remote may have fine circuits inside and the contact with water may damage those circuits. Don’t ever try to wash the remote with water as it will damage it completely. You can keep the remote clean by dry dusting it. This will also protect the remote buttons from dust settlement.

Replace the batteries regularly

If your remote is short of battery then it will not work efficiently. In that case, you may replace the battery immediately. If you will not do so then the remote will undergo permanent damage. If your remote is not working well then first try replacing the batteries first.

Buying the TV and Set Top Box remotes

If your remote is damaged out of any reason then you may buy a new one. The original remotes are usually offered by the TV Company or cable service provider. The original remotes are quite costly but it’s worth spending. The duplicate remotes are also available at very low price but these remotes are not good to purchase due to below mentioned reasons.

You may not be able to carry out all key functions with duplicate remote. The functions like changing channels and volume control would be there but the gaming and other additional functions would not work. The life of duplicate remote is very less as compared to the original one.

Due to these reasons, you may always buy the original remote. The universal remote control can also be purchased to get the control of all devices into one. The online portals will help you with the low priced original remotes.

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