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Tablets – The handy computer with calling facility

The first computer designed was as big as one full room and needed special care for its uninterrupted operation. The technology experts later tried their best to make the computer smaller and sturdy. The evolution of the computers went on and the size became smaller. The tablet is the latest introduction in this evolution where you can hold the computer in your hand and do whatever you like through touch screen technology. The tablets come in different sizes. You can have the handy 7 inch tablet or the bigger screen as well. The size of the tablet is decided based on the use of the tablet intended. If you are planning to have this tablet only for gaming then you can opt for the smaller one while in case your tablet is going to serve you like a computer then you may need a bigger tablet.

Uses of tablets

The uses of tablets are plenty and you can use the tablet for all those tasks that you carry out with the computer. There are many additional uses of the tablet as you can work on different applications online through the unique touch screen technology. The different uses of tablet are mentioned here to make you aware of this latest technology and its advantages in your daily life.


The gaming in tablet is real fun as it is supported by the touch screen technology. The Android supported tablets allow you to load various games for free or for negligible cost. You can download various games as per your interest and enjoy it anywhere at your leisure.


The tablets come with Wi-Fi or can also have network access through SIM card. The internet browsing with tablet would turn out to be great thing when you are away from your home or travelling. The browsing can allow you to search your various needs on the go.


Now, navigation to an unknown destination is also possible with the internet access. You can search through the Maps for your destination and the directions will be there on your screen. The tablet is all-in-one device that allows you to get all your required details at the click of a button.


Checking the Emails at your leisure is the best thing and you can really enjoy it with your tablet. The tablets may sync your Email account to keep you updated all the time.

Social Networking

The meaning of hanging around has changed. The social networking sites would allow you to hang out with your friends and family from your tablet itself. The tablets allow you to load various social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and many other such sites to be in touch with your friends.


The tablets may perform all the tasks just like the computers and may also offer calling feature. You can use it just like the phone too.

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