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Things you should know about sunglasses

From John Lennon’s iconic ‘teashade’ glasses to Tom Cruise's "Risky Business" wayfarers, sunglasses have always been an integral part of celebrity style. A stylish pair of shades has become a necessity for both men and women. Although most people think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory to compliment their style statement, it can protect you from various conditions caused by the Sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunglasses come in a wide variety of shapes, style and colour giving you plenty of options to choose from. Just like clothing choosing the right pair of shades is very important so take your time before buying. Being a tropical country India is always filled with sunshine. Long-term exposure in the sun can cause serious damage to the lens, cornea and other parts of your eye. Hence it is for the best that you invest in a sunglass which offers UV protection. Not only that you should also keep in mind that the sunglass should complement the shape of your face, facial structures and features. Following is the type of sunglasses for men from which you can choose the right pair for you.

Various types of sunglasses for men

Aviator: Originally invented in the 1930’s with the intention to give protection to pilots’ eyes while flying, aviators quickly became the rage among fashion conscious people. This unisex sunglass protects your eyes from sun rays while making you fashion forward. The advantage of the aviator is that you can wear it with almost any attire, from formal to casual.

Wayfarer: Available in different colours, wayfarer has a rectangular shape and broad horizontally long brow frame. It looks best matched with a casual outfit but if you are confident enough you can carry it with formals too. Pick a black or deep coloured framed wayfarer when you are wearing formals.

Browline: This sunglass has a thicker upper portion of frame and a thinner lower portion with no frame. As suggested by the name the thicker upper portion of this sunglass draws attention to the brow line of the person wearing it. Browline usually comes in two types; rectangular and round. If you have an oval or square face then wear the rectangular one and those with a heart or rectangular shaped face should choose the round one.

Best online destination for buying sunglasses

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