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Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile Covers Protects the Phone from Damages

Sony Xperia Z4 is the latest smartphone from Sony with a brilliant 5.2 inch HD display. With a slim design, the phone model is known for its excellent camera, powerful performance and wide array of features. With a smartphone like this, you would obviously want to complement it with great Mobile Covers to fully utilize what it has on offer.

Types of Cases and Covers

Since it is a relatively new model, you can easily find lots of covers of all sorts for this phone. All these covers differ in terms of design, color, type and material. The main two types of Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile Covers available are back covers and flip covers. While back covers look better, flip cover offer better protection covering the display of the phone as well.

Materials used for the covers

While buying a cover for your mobile, you should make sure that it is lightweight. The cover materials available for this smartphone include Polycarbonate (PC), plastic and leather, all of which are light yet strong enough to protect your phone from scratches, dust or any other type of damages.

Mobile cover designs available

When it comes to design, Sony Xperia Z4 Mobile Covers are available in different patterns and design. Diamond cutting brushed pattern with aluminum finish is a common back cover design that you can find. Commonly available color options include black, white, silver and golden.

Headphones for Xperia Z4

Accessories for Sony Xperia Z4 are available in abundance. The smartphone is compatible with most of the universal accessories like headphones and Bluetooth headsets. The phone generates a great sound output, which can be further enhanced if you use a good headset or Bluetooth speaker with it.

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