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Sony Xperia C4 Mobile Covers

Sony Xperia C4 Double Case : Premium Quality Sparkle Finish leather good and simple to wash looking. Extremely and soft Cozy in hand simple to wash dust and soil. Simple to remove and Put In and ultra thin. Fully protect the cell phone from lumps Cutout holes and soil scrape for interfaces and Speaker Mic buttons camera Comes with Cubix Retail packaging.

Phone covers and cases

Fits flawlessly from edge to edge of your smart phone with no hitches, shields it from scratches, dirt and dust and in once gives it the look you always desired on your smart phone. So go make another pick that is clever today, and make another fashion statement. Sony corporation has not endorses this product. The official bifold case for the Xperia C4 is perfect for maintaining your Smart phone’s screen free of dust and scratches.

Created from top quality stuff, this official Sony case is an ideal match for the Xperia C4 - shielding your smart phone from daily damage.

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  • The official case from Sony is very slim line, while offering excellent protection from bumps and knocks. The slick design provides bulk and a lightweight -free feel that keeps hold of the natural styling of the C4. Skin stickers and glass screen protectors Also available for Sony Xperia C4 is a range of exciting 2D and 3D print skin stickers of various types and tempered glass screen protectors for extra protection for your screen. Built in screening stand function

    Not only is the case very slim, but the back cover was made to permit your smart phone to rest in landscape style. This creates an ideal screening stand for listening to music, watching films as well as internet browsing. Official Sony Xperia C4 Design Cover Stand Case - White Because of this, the materials used and build quality are second to none. Complete access to all functions and characteristics Despite a superior finish, the case embodies functionality that is perfect for you to utilize the entire potential of your apparatus. The instance even contains specific cutouts for the camera, which means you never miss a chance to record images that are memorable.

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