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Sony Headsets

The first personalized form of music was introduced by Sony, through its walkman. And now to accentuate more on those innovative designs, we at have introduced Sony Headsets. We think to have taken a giant leap in making music more reliable and customized for you.

The famous Skull headsets for Sony smartphone is a mix and match of funkiness and hard core music. Apart from getting the hard rock music effect, you will carry it with style and create a lasting impression on others. This is one of the highest selling pieces that we store and it is priced at Rs 699.

Another very sober looking is the In-ear stereo headphone that is compatible with the Sony smartphone. You can find these wonderful earplugs in a piston form. Although the music will create an over the top impression. You will be just stuck to your headsets! It is available in white, blue, orange, pink, black, etc. It is very conveniently priced at Rs 299.

The Universal stereo headphone for Sony is an overwhelming buy. Priced at just Rs 699, it has the best sound quality. It is long lasting. The earbuds are made up of silicon and rubber for that tight grip and better music.

We are sure that you will go bonkers while making your choice! Our suggestion- buy atleast one from each model and enjoy the mesmerising world of music!

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