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Pair the finely designed smart watch with a gorgeous phone

A watch is no more an accessory that present time or even an add on worn to present the style statement as this is restricted with a fine body and simple features. With changes in technology the watch is designed according to the changes and turned it to be a piece suitable for the lifestyle. And now the Bluetooth smart watches are ruling the world and these are not just fascinating and easy to carry, but are the most wonderful add ons that are designed for faster performance. The perfect sidekick for every smart phone with amazing technology is the watch with smart features which helps in various ways. Such watch is designed to be a perfect partner for the smart phone user and with gorgeous features the gear stands as a wonderful add on suitable for the phone.

A perfect gear

There are several models of the Smart Watch which are perfect gears for the modern phone and the watch is crafted in a stylish manner. The watch is designed according to the present lifestyle and the tough body and the sporty look along with the classy collection elevates the beauty of the one varying it. The impressive models are available at the online portals and with outstanding battery life the watch is an aid for the one who carries it throughout the day. The Bluetooth technology of the watch is another extraordinary feature of the watch and people can connect the phone with the watch using the sophisticated Bluetooth technology. The watches are designed with style and a few amazing features including the fitness tracker and various functions. The awesome look and the top most applications make the watch much useful throughout the day and the people and the one with smart connector technology fascinates every user. Earn the featured watch with a classic look, thin body and the finest structure which makes the user feel overwhelmed. The wearable add on of a smart phone is exclusively used in several ways and one can take calls, and use various apps freely even by wearing a watch.

Outstanding features

Working with the watch is not very much tough as the smart watches are designed to offer comfort to the user. In order to enjoy comfort and convenience the device is to be installed properly and one can enjoy various functions of the phone. This is with amazing processor and support various software which ensures outstanding performance. Apart from this the water resistant body, wide screen, brightness options and a few more make this one of the amazing picks. Starting from an affordable range till the expensive models with fabulous features the wearable are available in several customized models. The specific dial features which change the face of the watch are even seen in the market which is the best suits. Along with the look and the comfort to carry the software and performance enhances the using experience of the watch and one can pick the best add on suitable to the need and budget very easily.

Welcome to the awesome world of Bluetooth Smart Watch from PTron. You want Fitness? Style? Latest Trends? We have everything for you in PTron Smart Watches Tronitex . Seriously you are clicking on our best selling products now!

The PTron Sporty Bluetooth watch with camera is attractive and very simple to use. You don’t need any user manual to guide you through it. It has 1.56 inch touch screen panel with Bluetooth V 3.0. Its function are that of a smartphone and it is compatible with almost all the android and iOS operating system. These amazing products are priced at Rs 2999 and are the Hot Cakes of this season.

The PTron Bluetooth Fitness Activity tracker is a Health Freak gadget in itself. You don’t believe me! Just have look! With 60mAh battery, it will provide a standby time upto 6-7 days. It helps in providing accurate fitness results like pedometer, calorie count, distance tracker, sedentary reminder, drink reminder, in-call reminder, sleep monitor and BMI! Isn’t it the complete package to maintain your perfect exercise routine? We can see your nod! These Bluetooth Fitness Tracker comes in all happening shades of blue, orange, yellow and of-course the basic black. It is priced at a reasonable amount of Rs 1099 only!

How to use Bluetooth watch

These are compatible with any Bluetooth. However, using these watch can be confusing. Yet, working out the ways to set the watch up and get it attached to your smartphone can be an easy task. To get the watch connected to your smartphone you need to install BT-Notifier on your phone. You can install the smart connector from Google play as well which will serve the purpose. In case the application is installed already, you need to pair your watch with phone by using the Bluetooth device.

Now, you need to install the applications that are custom made for these, including messaging, calendar, Facebook and Twitter. These apps will help you run the functions on this device properly. Find the main menu of your phone. You need to tap the play store. In case, you use a Sony phone, you will have to go to smart connect. In case, you have a phone which runs another android version, you can tap the liveware manager option.

Now, you can tap the application name to download the app. After that you need to turn the Bluetooth option of the phone on. Now, turn the smart watch off. After that touch and hold the power key until the pairing option appears. Place the phone close to the watch. After that go to the smartwatch option of the phone and tap on it. Connect the two devices by tapping pair on your phone.

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