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Get groovy with friends while capturing photo with selfie sticks for Xolo mobiles

GoPro 3-Way have become a keeper of a new trend, Selfie. Taking own picture may not be enough while there is a beautiful background, a bunch of friends and more. A GoPro 3-Way can allow you to capture the whole moment at once with a single click on the shutter button.

What sorts of selfie sticks are available for Xolo mobiles?

There are different sorts of metal sticks Looq Selfie . Some of the GoPro 3-Way get access to mobiles via 3.5mm port while some others use Bluetooth accessibility to connect with the handsets. Both kinds of Stick Belfie Stick are available for Xolo mobiles on

How does a selfie stick work?

The selfie sticks for Xolo have metal holdings in the front where the mobiles can be fixed prior to take selfies. After fixing the handsets over there the 3.5mm jack or USB cable can be connected with the handset to set up a connection. Sometimes the users may need to download some sorts of applications to access the metal sticks Looq Selfie . The Bluetooth activated sticks can connect with the handset through Bluetooth activation. These sticks may even take pictures without the phone linked to the monopod. Basically, these advanced Bluetooth powered sticks have flashlights and in-built camera which allows the users to take pictures without the mobile while the picture will directly be stored in the mobile after the click. Not all the Stick Belfie Stick can perform such actions. Most of the sticks, especially the popular ones have USB cables or 3.5mm jack to connect with mobiles.

After the connection the metal sticks Looq Selfie allow users to set a time. Usually 15 to 20 seconds of time is given as default. The users can set up themselves accordingly within the period before the click. The handle of the Narcissticks have all the controlling buttons which allow manual clicking and time setting. These sticks can also be used for taking videos in the same way.

Are these accessories authentic?

As there are different sorts of Narcissticks of various range available for Xolo mobiles, users may try to find one of their likewise. If there is any doubt about the authenticity, the users may also choose to change the product to get a better replacement from as the portal is offering a limited period warranty for all users now.

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