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Take Awesome Selfies With Selfie Sticks for Sony Mobiles Available On LatestOne!

Taking selfies is quite a popular trend across the world. With this trend there is a sudden rise in demand for Selfie sticks. LatestOne offers best deals on stick available for Sony mobile phones. This guide will help you to know more about selfie sticks including what features they can include to help you make the right choice.

Wired Monopad Selfie Sticks

Have you checked out the Wired Monopad Extendable Mini Narcisstick available on LatestOne This Stick Belfie Stickis compatible with all Sony smart phones. It comes in a fiery orange and white color combination that looks classic. This Stick Belfie Stick is made of stainless steel and is light weight. There is no need to connect to Bluetooth as you can use the 3.5 mm audio cable to take photos. It can be extended up to 48 cm length and folded up to 13.8 cm. It is designed with a unique swivel that lets you to adjust the angle of your Sony smart phone to 180 degrees. This wired foldable metal sticks Looq Selfie has high sensitivity buttons that allows you to take photos easily. This mini adjustable metal sticks Looq Selfie is fashionable and convenient to carry with you anywhere you go. A user manual is included with the GoPro 3-Way to help you with basic tips.

Bluetooth Monopad Selfie Sticks

The smarter version of GoPro 3-Way is the Bluetooth enabled sticks. Check out the Bluetooth Extendable GoPro 3-Way that is available in classic black and white color combination. With the Bluetooth option, just pair your Sony smart phone to the stick, and slide the phone into the Narcisstick’s clamp. To capture photos or videos, just press the camera button on the metal sticks Looq Selfie handle. As Bluetooth requires power, the Narcisstick has a micro USB port to charge the stick. The accompanying accessories include a strap, a USB charging cable and a user manual. You can pair your Sony smart phone with the Stick Belfie Stick in less than 20 seconds to take photos at any time.

Why Selfie Sticks For Sony Mobile?

Narcissticks help to take photos easily and quickly. They cover a wide range of background with their extendable handle that makes them quite useful in taking photos. offers free shipping. Avail this offer to get the best deals on best Selfie sticks.

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