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Buy selfie stick and click your selfies to post online

There is nothing as dearer to a person as he, himself. Apart from the gender discretion the recent online surveys have repeatedly put up the fact that taking selfies and posting them online has become an uprising trend.

What is so special about a selfie stick

A Selfie Stick is used for taking selfies in such a way that covers a big space behind the person. So if you are standing on the top of a small hill then the whole landscape behind you will be visible on the picture. It has its own controlling buttons which allow the users to fix timing of taking the picture and pose accordingly. The camera setting and all other things can be done in that period as well.

How to fix a selfie stick with cell-phone

Fixing a selfie stick with an android phone or iPhone is not a difficult issue. There is a huge variation available in the online portals. These selfie sticks have holder in the front part to hold the phones firmly in there. After that the users need to attach the 3.5mm jack or the USB cable hanging from the selfie stick to the mobile or tablet to set a connection. There are some other sorts of selfie sticks which do not need such wired connection. Those selfie sticks can be accessed through Bluetooth devices. The control of the selfie sticks always remain in the hand of the user. There is a panel of buttons which help to fix the time and view for focus. The users may even put the monopod selfie sticks firmly at one place to take a perfect single picture.

A Bluetooth selfie stick may not always need a cell phone on its front panel. These sorts of sticks can effectively work with Bluetooth connection only and can even click pictures which would be directly visible on the phone of the users.

How can anyone get a proper cost effective selfie stick is offering different sorts on discount. In order to get a verified and cost effective selfie stick the users may log on to this portal which is now offering a limited warranty period to provide more benefits to the buyers.

How to connect selfie stick Bluetooth remote

Have you ever tried to take a selfie with your friends but couldn’t get everyone in the same frame No worry, the current addition to those gifts provided by the smart era of modern technology is the combo of selfie stick and Bluetooth remote.

The combo is easily reasonable and user friendly. The package comes along with a cell phone holder, pole, and a wireless Bluetooth remote.

How to use selfie stick Bluetooth remote

You have to turn on the selfie stick and hold the power button for several seconds to put the stick into pairing mode. Select the ‘apps’ button from the menu of your android device. Select the settings button from the menu of your android device. Make sure to turn on the Bluetooth option. Then click on the Bluetooth button to pair up your selfie stick. Choose the option named ‘scan’ from the bottom of the Bluetooth menu. The name of your selfie stick will show under the window of “available devices”. The devices will be pared after selecting this name. Turn on your camera application and start clicking selfies.

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