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Take Your Phone To The Next Level With A Selfi Stick From LatestOne!

Are you a shutter bug? If you are, then you no doubt wish to put every camera to good use, including your mobile camera. With features such as instant social sharing and image enhancement, your phone is just waiting for you feed in the best pictures possible. And what better pictures to feed into your phone, other than those of yourself? Showcase your activities no matter where you are with the help of a cool Selfi Stick from LatestOne.

Selfi Sticks For Enhanced Selfies

Put an end to the same old selfies with a neat extendable monopod stick or a foldable selfi stick that folds up neatly in your purse, ready to be used whenever you need it. Simple and easy to use, these sticks help you get perfect pictures of yourself and your group no matter where you are. Gone are the days when you had to depend on someone else to get a picture of you while on a holiday or in surroundings that you would have loved to show off to others. Simply get your selfi stick out, snap your phone into the flexible holder and start clicking!

Wireless Selfies? No Problem!

If you love everything wireless, you’ll love the Bluetooth selfi stick with its extendable monopod. Remove the constraint of distance with this selfi stick and get perfect pictures at any distance within the range of your Bluetooth device. It comes with multiple functions and can be assembled differently depending on the type of picture you would like to take.

Should You Rush To Buy One?

Absolutely! Our selfi sticks move fast with more and more people jumping into the fray to own one. So if you haven’t gotten yours already, you may be just too late to find the right one. Look through our fast moving selfi sticks now and we will ship your purchase across to you free of cost, no matter where you live in India.

How to connect selfie stick Bluetooth?

Are you tired of bending your arm while taking selfies? Do you always miss someone from the frame while taking a group selfie? Then the new invention of selfie sticks can make your efforts successful.

You can buy monopod extendable selfie sticks with Bluetooth devices from various online or offline retailers. Many packages include a cell phone holder, a selfie stick pole, and a wireless Bluetooth remote.

If you are wandering how to use these devices, then your doubts end here. In this blog post we will discuss about the usage of a selfie stick and Bluetooth devices.

How to connect the devices?

First of all you need to unbox and charge your selfie stick. After the selfie stick is fully charged up and ready to use, turn it on. Turn on the Bluetooth option on your selfie stick. The blue light on the stick will indicate that the device is ready to get connected. Open the Bluetooth app from your smart phone. Turn on the Bluetooth option. Search for the name of your selfie stick device from the menu of ‘available devices’. When the phone is connected you are ready to click selfies.

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