• Seagate 160 GB Internal Hard Disk for PC Desktop ( 7200RPM IDE)

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    • Seagate 160GB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (7200RPM IDE)

      • Backup data on a faster hard disk with a monstrous capacity — Seagate Barracuda 160 GB internal hard drive. 
      • The Seagate internal hard drive has a 7,200-rpm rotational speed,which boosts reading from and writing to the hard drive.
      • This 160 GB Seagate hard drive boots your OS faster, and loads applications much quicker.
      • The Seagate Barracuda 160 GB internal hard drive’s 2 MB cache memory, and faster average seek time make for reduced power consumption, and generating lesser noise and vibrations.
      • Connecting via an IDE or Parallel ATA (PATA) port, this Seagate internal hard drive provides a very high data transfer rate.
      • The Seagate hard drive can be installed in any Windows-based desktops.

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