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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Mobile Covers

The brand new smartphone of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus requires a lot of happening Mobile Covers. And who better than can assure that. Mobile Covers bracket is changing from tech to lifestyle. Hence, we look forward to those who consider Mobile Covers as lifestyle and also as a need.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Back Covers

Known to protect and also to show off the smartphone, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus back covers are a sweet dealings. Starting just at Rs 199, these covers prevent the smartphone from any physical damage and pollution. Giving your mobile phone a perfect fit, these finely carved covers are the best ones to go for your mobile phone.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Flip covers

For professionals like doctors, civil engineers, etc these are the best covers that you can actually go for. Found in attractive designs and colour, these flip covers can be turned into an elegant wallet also. Hence, you don’t have to carry the extra burden of a wallet along with our smartphone.

Other Accessories for S6 Edge Plus are a fruitful of merchandise like high performing 12000 mAh & 16800 mAh PTron power banks, designer Bluetooth Speakers, high quality Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, USB cables and many more accessories.

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