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Find the Premium Samsung Galaxy S6 Mobile Covers Online

Flip CoverThe advantage of Flip covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mobile Covers is that the phone perfectly fits inside it! For that extra safety and extra layer of protection. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Flip Covers are simply impeccable! Available in the basic color of black, white and red, it can go along with any occasion and to any place. The sleek dignified look promises to be tough and light-weight.

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Back Cover CasesThe Tough Back cover not only has a supreme look but has dual protection to offer to the handset. The rock solid surface but with a soothing shiny look enhances the Samsung Galaxy S6 Back covers for the smartphones from all angles. We have come up with different elegant shades of black, gold, white, dark grey, light grey,etc. at

Samsung Galaxy S6It comes with the 5.1 inch quad HD with the 2560x1440 of the screen resolution with the 577ppi of the pixel density. It also has the Super AMOLED. It would run on the And4roid 5.0 Lollipop.

AccessoriesWe at LatestOne have the PTron Screen card to protect your phone from scratches. 5 in 1 USB port, Multi charger when you have 2 phone then this would be helpful for you. We also have the PTron Power Bank that would boost your smartphone battery. We also have good collection of the head phones.

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