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Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Mobile Covers

Phone Cases and Covers

Mobile Flip Cover for your Smart Phone. It helps your mobile from scratches, inadvertent Damage. It assists you with maintaining protection while utilizing your smart phone as a part of open zones.

Offering fabulous insurance in a slick bundle, the Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy J1 has a leather-impact external coating and delicate microfibre inside that keeps your phone looking in the same class as the day you purchased it. It is cushioned to give great assurance against minor effects, however is still sufficiently thin that it doesn't add much mass to your gadget.

  • Assembled in survey stand capacity
  • The back cover of the Wallet Case is intended to permit the Samsung Galaxy J1 to crease onto itself on a level plane. This makes the ideal survey stand for watching films, listening to music or even web skimming.

  • Inside Visa openings and an archive pocket
  • With inside Mastercard spaces and a report pocket, the Leather-Style Wallet case is ideal for putting away anything from your passport or note paper, to prepare tickets and receipts.

    Glass Screen Protector

    The Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy J1 is produced using an artificially fortified glass that keeps up flawless picture clarity while shielding your Galaxy J1's screen from scratches and outer stuns.

  • Adjusted edges to shield from chips
  • The Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a one of a kind glass screen defender in that it is uncommonly composed with adjusted edges to be more chip safe and avoid stun from knocks and drops keeping in mind the end goal to lessen the probability of screen harm.

    These screen defender elements an oleophobic covering that opposes oil pollution and fingerprints, making it less demanding to tidy without the development of oil that can prompt a rainbow sheen impact.

    0.26 mm thickness adds insignificant mass to your phone

    Designed to give prevalent screen insurance, the Tempered Glass Screen Protector is just 0.26 mm thick so you can make certain it is sheltered from mischief while looking in the same class as new without included mass.

    Simple establishment with no danger of air pockets

    As this is a premium glass screen defender and not a film, it doesn't rise at all on application.

    Data cables and power banks

    Completely decorate your gadget with all the best energy banks and data links to improve your entire battery and information exchange answers for your Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace mobile phone. Get the best preparations and see the explanation what fills your need and needs greatest! Buy lightweight chargers to offer you some assistance with maintaining your cellular phone prepared at whatever moment to be used and anyplace, for that people who are dependably shifting. These practical chargers need least receiving time to supply uncompromised battery support on numerous instances to you.

    Hands-free Bluetooth speakers and headsets

    Receive ideal without arms headphones with radio for the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace cell phone and recognize calls while on the go. Moreover, look to associate with your system slightly at Bluetooth speakers and make the most of one's advertising in-style.

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