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Get the Latest Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Mobile

Flip Covers

A whole new range of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Flip Cover, which are with the view option. Now, you dont have to flip the cover just to check the time and the call log updates! The ID view flip cover has comes with a personalized background view of your choice, where you can upload an image or have an art work! Fits perfectly onto the phone. Its slim and perfect mold makes it look very good. An other model come with a dual color flip cover which makes it more compact, light weight, fashionable! Few with smooth jelly finish and has a very good grip. Jelly finish makes the case look neat and clean! And all cuts for the buttons provided perfectly! The view ID flip covers come with an option of start, pause and stop options for music, alerts and camera option, accept or reject calls. All,in that small view space.

Buy Online the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Cover

Buying an expensive smart phone and thinking how to protect it from damages? Think no more. As brings to you an exclusive range of cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. These cases will protect your smart phone from any dust and scratches and also they all spice up the stunning looks of your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Get online now and buy these sassy flip covers, back covers, hard covers, Motomos and Shiny flips forSamsung Galaxy Grand 2 Covers in vivid colors and patterns which are available from brands like PTron and etc.

Back covers

Back covers protects your phone from damages and dirt, from shock, dust and scratching. Cases made by the good high quality material. Get one good back cover when to save the investment that you have invested and protect from ruining it. Its simple and easy to install and uninstall. Perfect cuts for the speakers, camera and buttons


5 in 1: Have problem caring many chargers with you for your phones or tablets? Here is the new 5 in 1 with 4 USB ports with the famous charging ports! It has the fast usb connection of 2.0. It is easy to carry and is light weighted!

Power bank :

Its irritating to travel with a dead phone. Grab the new power bank, pre charge the power bank! Charges fast and has a long life! High capacity built-in battery. Charge your phones or camera or ipads with the power bank!

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