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Make your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE a Head Turner

Samsung galaxy core prime VE is one of the best Smartphone available in Indian market in the under 10k segment. Available with a range of smart features and options for personalized settings, this handset is without doubt one of the most sought after. Now add to it Samsung brand, which is one of leading players offering quality products globally.

Cases and Covers

Your Smartphone is your daily companion wherever you go, and anytime you feel its necessity. It requires your utmost attention and care; make it sit comfortably within the protective boundaries of mobile covers. Choose from our inventory of authentic range of Samsung products, single and dual layer back covers, as per the potential damage intensity; and materials like leather and plastics. If you opt for artistic designs, we have our inventory at your disposal.

Those looking for alternate and unique design, we have unique fluorescent covers, which will definitely put you miles apart from the rest. Designs like Abstract Monkey, Old Man Mustache, Devil, Lady In Glass have been printed on both soft and hard covers alike such that they appeal to all people with different needs.

Dual layer back covers such as Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360 Luxury Slim Armor Dual Layer Back Cover Case (Silver) will protect all edges of your Smartphone from any accidental bumps or dents.

Flip covers offered on our portal have been categorized into ethnic designed and unicolor designs. Luxury Ethnic Magnetic Flip Diamond Button Design Case is available in many colors like pink, white/green and multicolor choices.

Other Samsung galaxy core prime VE Mobile Covers:


Every Smartphone needs some Mobile Covers to make its presence and purpose felt complete. As such, in-ear headsets have been modified to allow the customer look at their smart phone as a complete package instead of a gadget for just basic necessities of communication.

Power Banks

Power banks abolish need for rushing home or searching desperately for a power source when your Smartphone battery flashes a warning that it has run out of juice. You can choose from our inventory of high quality power banks of excess of 16,000 mAh.

USB Cables

For better connectivity to other devices like PCs and laptops, we have USB cables with a guarantee of high speed file transfer between your Samsung galaxy core prime VE and these devices. These also come with verified certificate to ensure that these accessories does not cause any harm to any devices connected by it.

Steal Deals Whenever You Want

Be regular to take a peek into our inventory list for better products at even attractive prices.

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