Enhance the Functionality of Your Smart Phone with PTron PBH 100 Headsets from LatestOne!

The versatility of using Bluetooth wireless headsets makes sense whether you are travelling, working out, driving or simply walking around. These Bluetooth wireless headsets allow you the ability to enjoy music, watch videos or receive and make calls anytime, anywhere without the hassles connected to traditional wired headsets. If you are wondering which Bluetooth wireless headset is right for you, then check out PTron PBH 100 Headsets available at LatestOne.

Smart PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

All headsets under the PTron PBH 100 series are Bluetooth enabled wireless devices. These headsets come with enhanced audio and bass response. They also provide audible paring assistance and battery status alert along with other various functions. These headsets come with a built-in microphone and a data cable. They are compatible with HD voice network. It is easy for you to make calls as these headsets have voice activated dialing function which you can use to initiate calls from the headset through your phone’s voice dialing feature. A key feature of these headsets is the noise reduction function which scans the incoming and outgoing audio. These wireless headsets also provide echo cancellation, text to speech and advanced multipoint functions that supports call waiting feature between 2 paired handsets.

Colorful PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

LatestOne provides PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets in a variety of colors. With colors ranging from classic white and black to fiery orange and mesmerizing blue, these headsets add style to any color or design of your smart phone. They look trendy and fashionable. These wireless headsets offer talk time for up to 10 hours, play time for up to 8 hours and a standby time for up to 300 hours. The bass boosting technology of these headsets magnifies the sound quality and enhances the quality of the beats thus allow you to enjoy great music audio.

Why PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets?

PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets offers great sound quality and are user friendly. They look modern and trendy. They allow you to go on your own business without the hassle of holding your phone to your ear while making or receiving calls. offers free shipping for PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth Wireless Headsets. Avail this offer to get the best deals on PTron PBH 100 Bluetooth wireless headsets.

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