• PTron Bluetooth Smart Watch For Samsung Galaxy J7 Wrist Wrap Watch Phone (Black)

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    • PTron Bluetooth Smart Watch For Samsung Galaxy J7 Wrist Wrap Watch Phone (Black) 

      • This watch do not support BT notification for IOS. other functions work well with Samsung Galaxy J7 
      • This smart watch is a well designed wearable product with internaional advanced bluetooth technology.
      • This android wear Product can complete sucha functions after linking the smart phone by Bluetooth, such as answer an dial calls, music play, pedo meter, view SMS and other functions
      • Specifications: 
      • Color    : Black
      • Screen Size    : 40*47*9.9 (mm)
      • Screen Resolution    : 128 x 128
      • Touch Module    : Yes
      • Battery Type    : Lithium-ion polymer battery
      • Battery Capacity    : 3.7V/230mAh
      • Type    : MTK6260-ARM7 Speed 360MHz
      • SRAM    : MTK6260(Built-in)-32mb NOR
      • Flash    : MTK6260(Built-in)-32mb
      • Speaker    : 8/0.7W speaker x 1
      • MIC    : Yes
      • G-sensor     : Yes
      • Bluetooth    : MTK6260(Built-in)-BT3.0
      • BT    : Yes
      • Headphone jack    : NO DC connector: Micro USB (with Cap)
      • Keys    : POWER ON or Back Software Feature
      • Operation System    : MTK
      • Phone Call    : Support (Load Speaker and Receiver Mode)
      • SMS    : Support (need APP)
      • MMS    : Push Icon (need APP)
      • Time Sync    : Support Call History: Support access and call
      • Music Player    : Support
      • Set Time/Date    : User-defined
      • Alarm    : Support five Set
      • Stopwatch    : Support
      • Pedometer    : Support
      • Rest Alarm    : Support, Remind you to stand up, physical activity.
      • Sleep monitoring    : Support
      • Anti-theft Alarm    : Support
      • Power saving    : Support
      • Language    : English

      Note: Android System can support all function in the description; BUT IOS such as iPhones only support: Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Stopwatch 

      Bluetooth Wearable Smart Watch for Smartphones IOS Android (Black)

      When phones have gone smart, why not the watches! The Bluetooth wearable watches that are compatible with various operating systems are being used by the technology lovers. This Bluetooth smartwatch is configured to work in line with your smartphone, so that you can carry out all the functions of mobile without using mobile. This small sized gadget that rests on your wrist can be used in several ways as mentioned here.

      Voice Search and Instructions

      You don’t need to take out your mobile every time to search something or open an app. All you need to do is say “OK, Google” and your smartwatch would be ready to take your instructions. Anything you say after this would be taken as your command and the watch would work accordingly. You may ask it to open an app or search anything on Google just by giving the simple instruction or taking the app name. It will bring down your hassles considerably.

      Wi-Fi Connection

      If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and the smartwatch also has Wi-Fi connection along with the password then both these devices will get connected even if the distance is between them is more. Even when you take your watch out of Bluetooth range, you can connect them via Wi-Fi. Sending the messages or e-mail communication can be carried out with the help of this watch even when you are away from the phone.

      Gives Directions

      While your phone is in your car and this watch is connected to the phone, you may not worry about the directions. You can say “OK Google Navigate to” and Google Maps would provide you directions via your phone. This will make your task quite easy as you don’t need to check the direction on your phone again and again. Your watch dial will give you directions and navigate to your destination conveniently.


      If you are fitness freak and always trying to track the calories burnt out of your fitness regime then this smartwatch comes with pedometer and calorie meter. You will know the exact amount of calories burnt in the process. It can be used as your handy fitness meter.

      Breaking News and Weather Report

      Don’t wait for free time to get updates as the smartwatch will keep you updated on the go. It will notify you about breaking news and weather report anytime anywhere. You need to install relevant apps for the same.

      All of the above functions can be carried out with the help of Bluetooth Wearable Smartwatch available on Latestone.com. This watch is compatible with IOS and Android. The black colored watch if offered with 128 X 128 resolution and Touch Module It is backed by 230mAh Lithium-Ion battery that offers substantial operating time. It also has speaker and Mic that will give you clear voice quality on receiving or ending the calls.

      You can set up to five set alarms with this watch that would remind you of your daily tasks. There are other functions like Sleep Monitoring and Anti-Theft Alarm present in this smartwatch for extra convenience and security. You can send messages directly from this watch with simple buttons present on this smartwatch. It comes with G-Sensor, Time Sync, and Music Player to make it work in sync with the phone. It is configured to take the commands in English and you can easily configure it with your smartphone.

      Take a next step to convenience with this latest technology smartwatch designed to offer all the functions that you expect from your phone and other gadgets.

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