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Enjoy Maximum Functionality From Your Smart Phone With PTron Bluetooth Headsets From LatestOne!

These are quite advantageous and have many benefits. Do you want to keep your hands free to take notes or use your computer while on a phone call? Do you want to listen to music freely while operating the vacuum cleaner at home? Do you need to receive an emergency call while you are driving? How about cooking while speaking on a personal call? The answer to all these questions is a Bluetooth enabled headset. LatestOne offers a variety of PTron Bluetooth Earphones to suit your every need and style.

Vibrant Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Choose these from the PTron PBH 100 Series for your smart phone. It is also compatible with MP3, MP4 devices, laptops, computers and tablets. Get it exclusively on LatestOne in a fiery orange color that is nothing short of vibrant and trendy. This from PTron offers enhanced bass and audio response. Accompanying it is an auto reconnect feature in case the connection is broken accidently or abruptly. Additionally, this has a built-in powerful microphone.

A great part about these headphones is that they are compatible with the HD Voice network. As an added feature, it packs in noise reduction that scans both outgoing and incoming calls for seamless audio functionality. This wireless Bluetooth headset also provides audible paring assistance and battery status alert features.

Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Look at the 730 Tone Plus Bluetooth Stereo Headset that is quite popular among users on It sells out within hours of being available on LatestOne. This supports Bluetooth version 4.0. It comes with a built-in microphone, and provides the microphone mute and vibrating call alert feature. This stereo wireless device also includes an outstanding voice activated dialing feature that allows you to use your smartphone’s voice dialer to make calls via this device. This rechargeable Bluetooth one's also provides echo cancellation, advanced multipoint and speech to text function that makes it quite useful and advantageous for you. Its design and look is fashionable and stylish. It will accent the look of your smart phone and increase your style quotient.

Why PTron Bluetooth Headphones

PTron Bluetooth earphones make your life easy and allow you to enjoy full functionality of your smart phone without the hassle of keeping the phone near your ear all the time. Avail the free shipping offer at LatestOne with good quality.

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