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Bring Your Smart-phones back to Life Again with a Power Bank

Power bank serves as an extra battery for your electronic device. It helps to charge your electronic device when there is no electricity around. It helps you to charge your mobiles, laptops, mp3 player, tablets and other electronic device freely. No doubt it is one of the best inventions for this generation. In simpler words, they are a portable power supply which is easy to carry around. It helps to keep your device up and running. This device is very useful as it reduces your dependency on the availability of an electrical outlet. So maybe while you are on a bus or some public transport where there is no charging point available, and you are running low on charge; a power bank then comes for the rescue. They are made up of a special battery and are enclosed in a case with a special circuit to control power flow. Protection circuits are there to prevent over charging, short circuit, overheating and over voltage. Power banks can be your best friend if you a- spend almost half of your time outside, b- if you electronic device’s battery is dead and cannot get a replacement, c- you are a gadget freak and you are on it day in and day out, d-if you travel a lot and you are on the go, e-on certain occasions, it can simply be life saving. Power banks are very classy and attractive to look at; they are generally in small shape and size to fit your pocket and are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Because of its feather light weight and unique design, it is very user friendly. Power banks are neither heavy nor inconvenient to carry. Power banks are very useful and handy. It can run for several hours and can keep feeding your electronic device until it lasts.

Power banks are based on lithium ion batteries (these are the same kind of batteries that you will find inside of your phone, tablet and laptop). Since that battery does not have to fit in a device, it can be any shape, which allows for more efficient packaging of battery capacity. It has a charger circuit to regulate voltage and current from an input to the proper levels to charge the internal batteries. Power banks are fixed voltage power sources. One of the best things about power banks is that they are pretty affordable. It is economical and not too much pressure on your wallet.

Today there are a variety of power banks which offer different features and specifications. Some power bank models have dual USB port one port for 1A and the other one for 2.1A currents. Power banks are always rated in mAh because the batteries are rated in the same convention. Bigger mAh means that more power can be stored. The more amps the power bank has, the faster the charging will be. Also, more output current will let you charge your electronic device faster. To save your time of input and output charging, multi power ports are also available, allowing you to connect more than one phone. Since we are always equipped by more than one gadget, this comes as a bonus. Some of them are waterproof, have alight torch and have anti scratch surface. So the chances of your power bank getting damaged are very minimal. Power banks are essential to anyone who cannot stay away from electronic gadgets. You can charge your electronic gadget multiple times before it is drained. They are small enough to fit into your handbag and briefcase, in some cases your pocket. It is a useful necessity that helps you stay connected all the time.

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