Power Bank for Microsoft mobiles

Microsoft is a leading brand in the smartphone industry. The company makes advanced computer peripherals and smartphones. Microsoft mobile phones are equipped with the latest technological features. They have premium design and best windows 10 features on its mobiles. The smartphones made by Microsoft are more like PC. They have best display and carry powerful battery with Qualcomm snapdragon 808. To support the features of the smartphones, Microsoft has launched Power Bank with different variants.

These has unique features like, it supports dual USB ports, which means that two mobile phones can be charged at a same time. It comes with the AC adapter as well with 1.5 A output current that helps it to charge heavy battery smartphones quickly and easily.

Once these are charged completely, it can stay charged for months if not used. This also has indicators on its panel to check the power level of the charger. It has a slim, sleek and stylish look. It also has an attractive design and protects phone from Overheating and Overcharging. These has a tough competition among other in India. It is portable and can be carries to places. The design of these is compact and can be easily slipped in the pocket while traveling. It comes in the small dimension and it weighs around 140 grams. The best feature of these are its energy saving feature.

power bank online feature has made it easily assessable to the buyers. It is the best featured and available in the industry.

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