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Extend your phone's life with a power bank charger from

No matter how many milli-Ampere-hours of power the smartphone makers cram into a device, the truth is we could always do with more. That's where the power bank chargers can become an essential Part of your phone.

Thin and light, they could add between 10,000 and 16,800 mAh of power to your phone from, helping extend its use on long road trips or when you can’t get to a charging point. All in a portable form that will fit into any pocket or bag.

Phone power packs look great too, complementing the design of your phone or making a statement as you go about your life. They say you’re ready for action or a crisis!

Three ways a battery bank charger could save your day

If you get stuck in traffic or the train on the commute, then this can help keep your phone alive. Similarly, if you like long walks or treks in the country, then this is essential for navigating and emergencies.

If you’re playing music with friends down at a park, then the fun can keep going far beyond that of your phone’s standard battery. If you want to crank out the tunes with a Bluetooth speaker, we sell those too .

This can also help run the devices of your friends and family, including portable consoles, tablets, and other gadgets, making you a very useful person to know.

Choose the power bank charger for you

Whatever your needs, from designer styles to heavy duty batteries, there’s a battery bank for you. You can double or triple the power that comes with your phone, and the slim designs we sell, it won’t look out of place next to your slim designer phone.

Some models come with USB breakout ports so you can charge multiple devices while others have LED displays so you know just how much power you have available.

Our range often comes with up to 70% off the retail price and most come with multi-adaptor cables that will work with any device, so there’s a price and a power pack for your phone.

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