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Enhance The Functionality Of Your Smart Phone With Portable Chargers From LatestOne!

Portable Charger or power banks enable you to charge your mobile phones when you are travelling for long distance or when you have to use your mobile phone for longer time. If you depend largely on your smart phone, then a power bank or a portable charger is an essential mobile accessory for you. It is also a vital tool especially during an emergency or a power cut. LatestOne offers great deals on a variety of power banks or portable chargers that suit the specific needs of your smart phone.

Light Weight Power Banks

Choose the Ptron Ritzy Ultra-Thin 12000 mAh Power Bank for your smart phone. It is available on LatestOne in an elegant black color that suits the look of any smart phone. Its built-in high capacity lithium polymer battery with its high output up to 5V allows you to charge your smart phone rapidly thus saving time and energy. This power bank is portable and eco-friendly. You can charge the power bank via USB interface on your computer or a power adaptor. It comes with a USB cable that has 3 wide compatible connectors which can be used to charge multiple devices at same time. It offers super protection against over current, automatic MCU, over charge and short circuit.

Flashy Power Banks

Check the latest PTron Digital 16800 mAh Power Bank with Flash Light LED Display on LatestOne. It comes in a gorgeous blue color that enhances that look of your mobile phone. If you frequently travel for long distances or use your mobile for longer times, this power bank is perfect for your smart phone. It features an automatic on and off when the device to be charged is connected or disconnected. This power bank is rechargeable under shutdown mode with a real time energy indicator. It comes with a built in high capacity lithium battery that has a long shelf life. This high capacity 16800 mAh power bank enables you to charge your smart phone rapidly. It is energy efficient, cost efficient and economical.

Why Portable Chargers or Power Banks?

Power Banks help to increase the utility and functionality of your mobile phone thus saving time and energy. They enable you to charge your smart phone even while travelling. Avail the free shipping offer at to get the best quality power banks.

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