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Increase Your Productivity And Functionality With Phone Watches Available On LatestOne!

Phone watches or smart watches are the latest offering of improved and advanced technology. Though there are many benefits by using phone watches, many are still skeptical about the concept of phone watches. At first phone watches may seem redundant and can be confusing as we have not used watches for any function other than checking time. But as you use a phone watch for an extended period of time you can reap benefits as you and your phone watch will begin to work in harmony. LatestOne features a fascinating range of phone watches in a variety of colors and functions. Read through this guide for more information on these phone watches and their features.

Smart Bluetooth Phone Watches

Check out the Gallant range of phone watches designed by PTron for all iOS and Android smart phones. The PTron Gallant phone watch is supported by Bluetooth and can be connected with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It can perform multiple functions such as receiving calls, making calls, checking notifications, playing music and alarm reminders. In fact it can perform all functions of your smart phone without the need of opening your smart phone. This PTron Gallant phone watch comes in a striking black color with matte finish that looks stylish. It has a high resolution screen that makes it easy and convenient for you to read or access any data. The PTron Gallant phone watch has a 230mAh high quality lithium battery that is durable and long lasting. It also has good sound output speakers that provide clear audio while on calls or listening to music. This PTron Gallant phone watch supports micro USB and comes with an inbuilt flash light that is useful in the dark. With international advanced Bluetooth technology, this phone watch is a well designed and unique product.

Bluetooth Phone Watches With SIM Card Facility

You can now get Bluetooth Phone Watch with SIM card facility on LatestOne. Ptron has specially designed the Tronite collection for such phone watches. The PTron Tronite One Bluetooth inclusive of Clock Synchronization SIM card Notifier Connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0 Phone Watch is available on LatestOne in a rode gold color that looks stylish and urbane. This PTron Tronite One phone watch comes with a 1.54 inch highly receptive touch screen that makes it really easy and convenient when you swipe it for different functions. You can access your emails, texts and various social media platforms through this phone watch. With a 0.3MP camera, this phone watch enables you to click pictures or take videos. The SIM card slot allows you to use the phone watch to receive or make calls without opening your smart phone.

Why Buy Phone Watches From LatestOne?

The phone watches featured on LatestOne are of high quality that functions for a long time. The prices offered by LatestOne are affordable on any type of budget as they come with huge discounts. Avail the free shipping offer now to get the best deal.

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