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Enhance The Look and Safety of Your Smart Phone With Sony Xperia Series Covers From LatestOne!

The basic accessories required for smart phones are the mobile cases, covers and screen guards. These Mobile Covers are not only basic but also vital to ensure maximum durability of your smart phone. Though there is a huge market for cases, cover and screen guards, there is a need to choose accessories made specifically for your smart phone to get benefit fully. LatestOne offers the best mobile covers and screen guards for Sony Xperia Series smart phones. Browse through LatestOne to find the perfect one for your smart phone.

Clear Screen Guards For Sony Xperia Series

The clear screen guard available on is specially designed for Sony Xperia Series smart phones. It provides long lasting protection from scratches, oil smudges and finger prints. It is bubble free, and it reduces dust formation significantly. This ultra tough screen guard made from military grade material is exceptionally clear, and has a smooth glassy surface. The screen protectors on this screen guard maintain the touch screen sensitivity of your Sony Xperia smart phone without compromising the high-definition viewing experience. There is no need for any cutting of the screen guard as it is custom made for your Sony Xperia smart phone. You can also remove it easily without leaving any sticky residue or marks on the screen.

Universal Flip Covers With Magnetic Buttons

Have you seen the Sony Xperia Sola Flip Cover with Magnetic Flip Button that is quite popular on LatestOne? It is available in a vibrant green color that accentuates the look of your Sony Xperia smart phone. This flip cover provides full body protection from scratches, damages and dust. As it is specially designed for Sony Xperia smart phone, it allows easy access to all controls, ports and buttons on your smart phone. The inner tough resilient case ensures that your smart phone is protected from accidental bumps and drops. The magnetic button ensures that your smart phone is held securely inside the flip cover. This green flip cover is lightweight and looks stylish.

Why Are Mobile Covers Required For Sony Xperia Series?

Mobile covers and screen guards ensure that your smart phone is protected from all types of damages such as dust, scratches, bumps, drops and collision. They offer maximum protection and durability. Avail the free shipping offer at LatestOne for best deals.

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