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OTG Pen drive – All you need to know about this compact storage device

The digital revolution has slowly replaced the hard copies of documents, music, images, and other such data by soft copies for added convenience and security. The transfer of data is carried out through cables, wireless connections, and also with the help of storage devices. Amongst various storage devices being used by the computer enthusiasts, Pen drive is amongst the most convenient ones. This compact storage device can be taken along anywhere without occupying much space. You can use the OTG Pen Drive for storing or transferring your data from one device to another as it is the compact version in the Pen drive segment.

What is OTG Pen drive

OTG stands for On-The-Go and hence OTG Pen drive is ON-The-Go Pen drive that can be taken along anywhere due to its compact design and high storage capacity. This Pen drive comes with dual pin on both sides of the drive. The dual pin design helps in transferring the directly from one device to another.

How it is useful

OTG Pen drive has micro USB and 2.0 USB connectors give on both the sides. You can connect your phone to the laptop or it can also be used to transfer data from phone to computer and vice versa. This Pen drive may work as an extra storage for your phone.

Compatible Devices

The OTG Pen drive comes with dual pin connectors and hence is compatible with all the devices like laptop, tablet, smartphones, PCs, and most of the devices with latest connectivity options. It is the one stop solution for all your data transfer and data storage needs.

Easy to use

Using an OTG Pen drive is not a rocket science and anybody can use it without undergoing any formal training or browsing user instructions. It has the convenient plug and play design where you can plug the pin in the slot provided on the device and it is ready to use.

There are many colors available in OTG Pen drives and you can find them online on for trusted performance and competitive pricing.

How to connect otg cable to android

Otg cables are gaining popularity as many people use their android phones as portable computers. Let us see how we can connect an otg cable to android device.

First you have to follow particular directions, if your android device is not rooted already, to make your device adaptable with the OTG cable. If your phone is rooted and has OTG Host support then it is very easy to link an USB OTG cable to your android instrument. Therefore do make it a point to check that your phone is equipped with an USB female portable.

It must be noted that your android device must have an operating system that backs the OTG cables. Hardware support is more essential than software support. Alongside, hardware and software support, your instrument also requires drivers to link the cables.

When you have the correct cables, then link it to the micro USB slot and after that attach a USB keyboard or a flash driver at another end. Then, a popup will appear on the display screen of the phone. Then go to Google play store and download the USB Host Diagnostic app. After that, follow the directions after launching the app. Just like your pc, you can do any file operation on an external USB drive from the android phone.

How to connect pen drive through otg cable:

The main reason of the increasing popularity of OTG cable is that most of us are using their android phones as portable computer. Most of the tablets and android smart phones are compatible with mouse, keyboard, pen drives and other USB devices. You need an otg cable in order to connect it to your tablet or smart phone. If you are wondering how to connect a pen drive to your smart phone or tablet via an otg cable then this article might help you to figure it out.

First of all, you need to check out whether your phone or tablet is compatible with your device or not. Then you have to follow the steps which are mentioned below, in order to connect your pen drive to your tablet or smart phone through your OTG cable.

First, you have to connect your otg cable to your android device. Then you need to connect your USB device or pen drive in the connector side of your OTG cable. Your android device will automatically recognize the otg cable. You can access the data of your pen drive via the file manager application of your android device.

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