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Get High Speed OTG Pen Drives At Affordable Prices Only On LatestOne!

With the digital revolution and latest technology, hard copies of documents, images, music and other data have changed to digital copies. Multiple storage devices help to transfer such data from smart phones to personal computers and vice versa. Among the various storage devices used to transfer data, pen drives are the most convenient devices. You can carry a large amount of data with you in form of OTG pen drives anywhere without the hassle of consuming much space. You can also conveniently use OTG pen drives to transfer your data from one device to another. Browse through the entire collection of OTG pen drives featured on LatestOne to choose one that suits your needs and preference.

Features of OTG Pen Drives

Check out the IDrive 16 GB 3 in 1 OTG Pen Drive designed by PTron for IOS and Android smart phones. It is available in a metallic gold color on LatestOne. This pendrive has a high speed up to 5MB/s that allows you to transfer data quite quickly and easily saving you a lot of precious time. The power consumption of this PTron OTG pen drive is quite low at ?70mA which allows you to use the device irrespective of the time. It allows a secured file encryption for private files with dual interface of both USB 2.0 and iPhone 8 PIN port. The USB port of this PTron OTG pen drive is compatible with all USB based computers. The storage capacity of this pen drive is 16 GB that allows you to store a lot of data on the pen drive. This OPT pen drive also comes with an external memory expansion for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Benefits of OTG Pen Drives

You can control and handle all your data directly on your IOS device with various functions such as create, move, copy, rename, delete, open and much more. You can playback videos and music directly from the pen drive. You can backup and restore all of your contacts on your smart phone. This PTron OTG pen drive allows you to share and transfer music files, videos, movies, photos and files between your IOS or android device and PC quickly. For smart phone users, you can download apps from APP store to communicate between your devices and pen drive.

Why Buy OTG Pen Drive From LatestOne

LatestOne features only high quality mobile accessories including OTG pen drives which are durable and give you full value for your money. OTG pen drives are available at affordable prices that can be purchased by everyone. You can also avail free shipping offered by LatestOne. There is also an additional discount for all pre-paid orders.

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