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How to Connect Android Phones with USB Devices like OTG cable & OTG Adapter

How to support OTG cable in android?

Nowadays, OTG Cable are gaining popularity as most of the individuals are using their android phones as portable computer. If your android device is not already rooted then first you have to follow specific instructions to make your device compatible with the OTG cable.

However, if your phone is rooted and it has OTG Host support then it is very simple to connect to connect as USB OTG cable to your android device. Just make sure to check that your phone has an USB female port.

Apart from all these, your android device must have an operating system which supports the OTG cables. Hardware support is more important than software support. Besides, hardware and software support . your device also needs drivers to connect the cables.

Once you have the right cables then connect it to the micro USB slot and then attach a USB keyboard or a flash driver at the other end. After that a pop up will appear on the display screen of your phone. Now go to Google play store and download USB Host Diagnostic App. Follow the instruction after launching the app. If your android responds properly after connecting the cable then you are good to go.

A possible fact is that some of the Android devices available in the market are well-matched with a USB technology. If talking about OTG cable & OTG Adapter then these allows you turn your tablet or Android phone into a USB host and you can easily connect your standard USB accessories together with hard drives, flash drives, keyboards, gaming controllers and many more. You can search it tough to consider that you can attach a USB device like a flash drive into your device’s micro USB port. The whole this is feasible thanks to an inexpensive OTG cable. These cables and adapter are easily available from online shops like

You have to check like USB OTG is not friendly with every tablet and phone and in some cases just some USB accessories could work with your Smartphone, like.

How to Connect USB Flash Drives

Once you connect a flash drive into your tablet or phone, the device instantly shows the contents. Then, you are completely free to playback or view any media you have on your flash drive. Also, you can move your important data from the USB flash drive to your mobile phone’s SD card by just holding and tapping the file you wish to move.

Some other storage devices together with card readers even work with the OTG adapter. It means that you might take some pictures with your high quality camera and instantly transfer them to your phone for uploading and editing on an app.

How to Connect USB Mouse

Once you connect a mouse into the USB, also a wireless mouse, a pointer will display on the screen. Then, you can utilize your mouse as you will move your finger. You can search through different pages, choose icons and many more. It will be more helpful on a big screen like a tablet, because it makes exploring the web a lot wonderful experience.

How to use OTG cable without root?

USB on the go is a specification which allows USB devices such as mobile phones or digital audio players to act as a host. It allows other USB devices such as mouse, digital cameras, keyboards or USB flash drives to be attached to the host devices.

If you have a rooted android device, your chances are better when it comes to using OTG cable. But do not worry if your device is not rooted. Just make sure that your USB device obtains the USB OTG drivers. If your device does not have it, then you have to root your phone in order to connect it with an OTG cable.

If your non rooted android device is supported with external storage devices, then the steps of using those are listed below:

You have to connect the USB OTG cable with your external storage device such as android phone or external hard disk or USB flash drives. Then you have to connect the micro USB end of the OTG Pen drive with the android device. After connecting the devices a notification which indicates that the devices are properly connected will appear. Then the newly attached external device will automatically start up.

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