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Use Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter for Tablets and Smart phones

OTG functions allow the users to connect the Smartphone device or tablet to computer or other electronic gadgets. Good looking one and smart enough to transfer data or connect a device to the charger or power bank. Comes with a transfer rate of up to 480 mbps. Installation is easy as well as removal. User can connect it with Xbox and play at any compatible device. Buy the device at a justified price from and enjoy all in one activity

What is so special about this Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter

This Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter is the best match for all sorts of modern devices. This is compatible to a huge range of smart phone or tablets. Be it the issue of charging a device or connecting one device to another for transferring data, it is truly the Jack of all trades.

How to use Micro USB Cable with Adapter

Just connect the Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter to any Smartphone or tablet and it is ready to use. Certainly, it would take a little time to be accessed by the device. Once it is connected, anybody can transfer huge amount of data through it.

What if there is Any Sort of trouble during installation

It is not a big issue to worry about. If the Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter is not supported by a Smartphone or tablet or Xbox, just take the plug out of the device and reconnect again. It certainly sounds harsh enough but it would work for sure.

However, if any sort of trouble comes up while transferring data from one device to another or while gaming after connecting it with Xbox, it would be better to go the setting section and disconnect the cable accordingly. After that just remove the cable manually and reconnect again. It will hamper the process for sure but may save all the devices from a sudden system malfunctioning.

And what else are we missing still if we are yet to buy a Micro USB Cable with Adapter from

At this period of time when every now and then modern electronic gadgets need to stay upgraded, not having such a useful accessory is certainly a big miss. Micro USB OTG Cable with Adapter is good enough to work with Samsung, Lenovo or Microsoft Smartphone devices or tablets. In fact, the smartest factor is, while others run to find different adapter cables for their computers, Smart-phones or Xbox, you can use this all in one cable to outsmart them.

How to use OTG cables in phone

The USB OTG cables perform some clever tricks but many people do not know about it. So, here you go.

OTG cables enable mobile devices to perform like a USB host. You can connect several other devices to your phone such as mouse, storage, keyboards or even musical instruments. First of all, you have to find out whether your android phone is compatible with the USB OTG or not. If your phone is okay with the OTG cable then you are good to go.

It is very simple to couple your phone with other devices such as a keyboard or a mouse by using these cables. It is also possible to connect your phone to storage devices such as external hard drives or USB sticks with OTG. You can directly access data from any external storage device and play music or movies.

First you have to install StickMount from the play store. Then you have to connect the OTG cable to your phone. After that, attach a SD card reader or a USB flash drive to the OTG cable. After your android phone successfully mounts with the usb cable, StickMount will notify you that your device is ready to use.

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